Dr Tony Bayliss

Tony grew up in Red Hill, Brisbane, where he enjoyed terrorising his older sister, mother and various pet cats. He was quite a good middle distance runner in his glory days at Brisbane Grammar, but soon slowed down to an early career in finance. A gnawing suspicion that corporate life was not for him resulted in admission to medical school in Sydney where he once again excelled academically and set on a path towards specialist training in family medicine.

Many hospital rotations later he met his future wife, Cath, during his training at Bardon and, much to his sister and mother’s delight, he has since been on the receiving end of most of the terrorising now. He takes great pride in his care for patients, and is constantly reading and studying to keep his knowledge and skills up to date. As a part of this, he is a vocal supporter of stringent medical standards and ongoing medical education, and is both an examiner for the RACGP and a board member for RACGP Qld faculty in his spare time. Tony also supports his community’s health care needs by working as a chair and non-executive director for the Darling Downs and West Moreton Primary Health Network.

Child and adolescent health makes up a large proportion of Tony’s practice. He once (dubiously) claimed that being well-versed in computer games helps him to engage with young patients, a skill that may or may not have contributed to his near universal popularity with families. Computer gaming literacy or not, Tony has an unflinching engagement and commitment to his patients, not only sharing the light moments and successes, but also walking the hard yards when needed. We are proud to have him on our team and are very glad that he decided to swap his matching corporate socks and ties for medical scrubs.

Dr Tony’s qualifications

  • BCom/BEcon – Bachelor degrees in both Commerce and Economics from the University of Queensland
  • MBBS – Postgraduate degree of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Sydney (achieved with honours)
  • DCH – Postgraduate Diploma in Child Health from the University of Sydney
  • ADD – Postgraduate Australian Diploma of Dermatology
  • FRACGP – Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (this denotes specialist qualifications in family medicine)
  • GAICD – Graduate member of the Australian Institue of Company Directors
  • AICGG – Graduate certificate in Clinical Governance

Dr Emma Philip

Emma is CCFP’s delegate from the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand. She completed her primary medical degree at the University of Otago in 2001, and moved with her husband and two children to Brisbane’s western suburbs a few years later to work and complete her specialist training in Australia.

Emma has the dubious honour of having known both Cath and Tony for longer than they have known each other! Em and Cath studied together for their GP specialist training from way back in 2009, successfully completing their exams together in 2011. Having survived the long hours of weekly gossiping, ahem, training, in Buranda, Clear Mountain and Red Hill, Em has continued to mature into an insightful, caring and well-rounded GP.

Em is especially experienced in women’s health, antenatal health and infant care, and enjoys getting to know patients from all walks of life. She has completed extra training and holds certificates in sexual health and skin cancer medicine.

She is a superstar mum, athlete and friend, and we are terrifically excited that she will be working with us to help care for our community. Really, the only strike against her would be the undeniable fact that she is a kiwi at heart. Please don’t make the mistake of asking who she is barracking for in the rugby……. AOTEAROA!




Dr Emma’s qualifications

  • MBChB – Bachelor degree in medicine and surgery from Otago University
  • FRACGP – Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (this denotes specialist qualifications in family medicine)

Dr Cath Hester

Cath officially qualifies as a local. She grew up climbing mango trees and ransacking native lemons in the bush of Mt Crosby. Having four older brothers ensured that her mother repeatedly attempted to dress her in pink despite her clashing red hair, and that she could whack a tennis ball and double de-clutch her first car, a Chrysler Galant, with equal aplomb. Cath initally completed a bachelor degree in medical engineering, but despite her love of physics, Fourier transformations and internationally patented bioceramics, Cath decided to study medicine after working in an orthopaedic hospital in Belfast.

Many hospital rotations later, including a lengthy stint working and trying to avoid sunburn in remote Cloncurry, Cath started her specialist training and career in family medicine. Then she really started studying – she now has further high-acuity training in most areas of family medicine including sexual and reproductive health, child health, and an unseemly amount of qualifications and experience in skin cancer (perhaps mostly due to a drive for ginger-haired self preservation).

Cath is an ardent supporter of quality in General Practice, and has been a regular College examiner for the RACGP since 2015.

In addition to her clinical GP work, Cath is an experienced non-executive director. She contributes to a number of different boards in various capacities. She is an elected Faculty Council member for the RACGP Qld since August 2017 and is currently serving as the Qld Chair and national board director. In May 2019 Cath was appointed by the Health Minister, Hon Steven Miles, to serve as a board member for the West Moreton Hospital and Health Service, overseeing health service provision in the local region. She also served on the Council for West Moreton Anglican College for 6 years up until 2021. 

Cath and Tony have a number of furry and feathered offspring including two Italian greyhounds, and many Indian runner ducks, however are disappointed that so far none of them have been born with ginger hair.

Dr Cath’s qualifications

  • BE(Hons) – Bachelor degree of medical engineering from the Queensland University of Technology (achieved with honours)
  • MBBS – Postgraduate degree of medicine and surgery from the University of Queensland
  • DACSCM – Postgraduate Diploma of the Australian College of Skin Cancer Medicine (now known as the Australian College of Cutaneous Oncology)
  • ADD – Postgraduate Diploma in advanced dermoscopy (a technique to assist in skin cancer diagnosis) from the Skin Cancer College Australasia
  • DCH – Postgraduate Diploma of Child Health from the University of Sydney.
  • GAICD – Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • ADD – Postgraduate Australian Diploma of Dermatology (achieved with special credit)
  • FRACGP – Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (this denotes specialist qualifications in family medicine)

Dr Lauren Barclay

Dr Lauren hails from the beautiful but chilly environs of Manitoba, Canada. Although we believe Lauren was once relatively impervious to the cold, she comes to CCFP via working for many years in Townsville Qld (following her medical studies in Brisbane), building up a tolerance to the heat and humidity such that we are worried she may well succumb to her first bitterly cold Ipswich winter (which is still at least 30 degrees warmer than in Manitoba!).

While working in sunny Townsville Lauren honed her GP abilities in skin cancer diagnosis and management. She has completed courses in dermoscopy (a skin diagnosis technique), skin cancer medicine and also advanced skin surgery through the well-known Skin Cancer College of Australasia. This is in addition to her extensive experience in family medicine, paediatrics and internal medicine undertaken at Rockhampton Hospital and in the Townsville community both before and after she achieved her specialist qualifications in general practice.

We do hope Lauren can tolerate the climate, as she adds many valuable skills to our team. In addition to being an all-round genuinely caring person and excellent family GP, she has fantastic taste in cartoon scrubs, can whip up barista-quality lattes, and we believe has hidden talents in soccer, ice hockey and basketball. Welcome to Dr Lauren, and also to her husband and young son and daughter, we hope you enjoy living and working in the (slightly chilly!) local area.

Dr Lauren’s qualifications

  • BSc – Bachelor of science degree from the University of Manitoba (achieved with distinction)
  • MBBS – Post graduate degree of medicine and surgery from the University of Queensland
  • FRACGP – Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (this denotes specialist qualifications in family medicine)

Dr Amin Gayed

Dr Amin could be the super-hero GP of CCFP. Primary care doctors are usually very adept at preventing disease, but Dr Amin has gone above and beyond the call of duty in this area. He has lead several successful campaigns under the WHO working to eradicate the scourge of poliomyelitis in the Bihara (Egypt) region. We think he deserves the medical equivalent of a super-hero cape for these efforts! (Maybe we could add this to his Crazy-Scrubs-Thursdays outfit?)

Amin brings considerable GP experience to CCFP. He has worked in family medicine since 2003, first in his home country of Egypt, and then completed his Australian primary care specialist training under the RACGP in Western Australia and Victoria before settling with his wife and two daughters in Western Brisbane. He enjoys the full gamut of GP work, but especially enjoys working with the elderly, and those suffering from chronic diseases. In addition to his work as a GP and caring for his young family, Amin has completed the demanding Master of Medicine (Skin Cancer) through the University of Qld and is currently undertaking studies through the University of Sydney in Child Health.

We are grateful for the kindness, calmness and good humour Dr Amin brings to CCFP. His compassion and humanity are evident in all of his interactions (perhaps except for his merciless chess moves), and we look forward to learning new skills in Egyptian cuisine (and maybe some Arabic and Russian language also) under his guidance!

Dr Amin’s qualifications

  • MBBCh – Bachelor degree in medicine and surgery from the Assuit University, Egypt.
  • FRACGP – Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (this denotes specialist qualifications in family medicine)
  • MMed (Skin Cancer) – Amin has completed the demanding Master of Medicine in skin cancer through the University of Queensland.

Anita Furlong, senior medical receptionist and admin officer.



Bella Giannasca, medical receptionist and admin officer.



June Beazley, senior medical receptionist and admin officer.



Alison Murray, data management officer.



Imogen Hester, junior medical receptionist.



RN Cathy Gillespie, primary care nurse.

RN Alison Sinclair, primary care nurse and nurse immuniser.

RN Meagan Rackley, primary care nurse.