Please find a brief explanation of our fees below. Not all items have been included – if you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask our staff for advice.

We are committed to providing compassionate care to the local community and so we will be bulk-billing (that means no out of pocket charges if you have a Medicare Card) our patients who are under the age of 16 or have a Health Care Card (at any age) for appointments during the week. We will also bulk-bill items of care that relate to the management of chronic disease in all patients (such as diabetes care) for appointments booked during the week.

Our high levels of bulk-billing may not always be possible in the future due to a significant reduction in federal government funding to GP services over the next 3 years, but we will try hard to continue providing our services to those who need it most as long as it is possible. Please contact your local federal member if you would like to voice your concerns regarding the federal government cutting funding to family medical care.


Fees are billed by time taken. Here is a general guide for consultations for patients over age 16 without a Health Care Card, and also all appointments booked on a Saturday.

0-10mins appointment $15 out of pocket

(examples – review of one simple medical condition, children’s cough/cold, vaccination, blood pressure check, prescription renewal, referral)

10-20mins appointment $30 out of pocket

(examples – new patients to the practice, travel medicine advice, driving licence assessment, diabetes risk assessment, skin check, pap smear, pre-natal planning, adults with a new medical condition)

20-30mins appointment $45 out of pocket

(examples – complicated diagnosis of medical conditions, mental health diagnosis and care, 2 or more conditions needing attention)


Other services

IUD insertion $100 out of pocket

Skin needling for acne scar management, scar management or ageing skin management $200 per session

Micro-sclerotherapy for spider and reticular veins $150 per 30min session (Medicare rebates may apply), $100 for compression stockings ( CCFP carries a range of sizes on-site, and the stockings can be used on an ongoing basis)

Skin biopsy and excision $50 out of pocket

Vaccinations – please call to check availability and cost, but we usually stock – influenza , tetanus and whooping cough, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, meningitis, MMR, shingles and chickenpox vaccinations. We also stock Anti-D for pregnant women with rhesus negative blood type status.